2021 Trending in LA

With the new year comes transitional trendy, tops in solids, floral, animal prints and stripes.

These tops have it all. These are all light-weight in lighter colors in the first several pictures. We've got the animal print stripes in the 3d and 4th picture and floral and striped in the 4th picture. All these tops are easing you into Spring.

1 Style in USA gives you a nice, long cheetah print tunic while the next 3 photos show the pastels of Spring fashion and style. We're pairing these tops with jeans and jean shorts.

The stripe and floral combination looks perfectly stylish for this pocketed dress. We see yet another cheetah print top and more lightly colored tops all in the comfortable, roomy hemmed tops.

We're heading into Spring fashions in the LA market. Get on the bandwagon and thing Spring. If is says, "It's You", it is best to jump at the chance to get your favorite addition to your Spring wardrobe.

All these tops are new to the market in the last three days. If you would like one, let me know at www.boutique627.com. I will be happy to make it available to you.

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