Best of Best December 26

This week's Best of Best are some great tops that are a little bit warms but some are bordering are the spring look. We are getting ready to start transitioning into clothing for warmer weather. The warm clothing for winter wear is still available. Check back later this week and we will share some of those winter fashions that are being cleared out of the LA markets.

For today, let's see what was popular and hitting the boutiques across the country. All these styles are available. If you see something you need, please let me know.

Notice we still have the sweater, sweatshirts and comfy, loungewear hitting the Best of Best charts. Cherish and Zenana are both great companies with affordable, stylish clothes.

Do I detect a touch of Valentine's Day in this first sweater? Then we get animal print and soft colored loungewear or activewear.

We've added more products to to get your wardrobe ramped up for the transitional period between winter and spring. Follow this website so you can catch the latest in tending fashion. You'll be sure to find something that say's "It's you".

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