Happy Fall, Y'ALL!

Fall is the time for crisp air, falling leaves, hanging out around the firepit, pumpkins and apple cider. Here are Boutique 627 we love to embrace the season. Are you the playful, spur of the moment type like Kimberlee? Here's the story behind this picture.

During a photo shoot for our new fall products on the Parkway in Richland, Kimberlee grabbed a handful of the leaves blowing by and tossed them into the air. Several shots later, she was rosy cheeked from the excitement of the moment. It was so much fun!

She loved the way she could move in the jeans and sweater. At Boutique 627, we focus on fit and style. You need to be comfortable in the clothing. We currently are working on providing all sizes (small-3x) in each item we purchase for sale. That way, you can down size or up size depending on how the piece fits you and if you are happy with the fit.

We scour the fashion market daily to find new styles that are popular. By comparing several different manufacturers, we can find the best styles at the most reasonable prices.

So, when you're looking for clothing to get out in the fall air, check out the products on this website for fashionable, figure friendly comfort.

It's your style that we want to find. Drop us a note to let us know what type of clothing pieces you need.


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