It's Tee Time

That's Tshirt time! The markets are being flooded with Tshirt options already! Well, we could be wearing them to just hang out around the house or out for a jog. There are so many different #comfystyles of tshirts with a variety of graphics available right now.

Let's start with the Valentine tshirts. If you want to just go a comfy, casual style of blue jeans and a tshirt for Valentine's Day, these tshirts will be perfect for you.

All these tshirts are priced at $22-$25. Some are available in s-m-l while others will show as plus sizes 1x-2x-3x.

Next, is the ever popular Mama or Mom tshirts. Let the world know you are a Mom. You don't have to stop there. You can also share that you are a Super Mom.

The last tshirt leads me into the category of food and drink tshirts. Well, mostly drink, but some Mamas need a glass of wine after being Mom all day (some even have those days where they could use a glass of wine after half a day). All the Moms know what I'm talking about here!

Kindness tshirts are becoming very popular in this crazy world we are living in. A gentle reminder is always a good thing.

Finally, I noticed a trend toward the cowboy tshirts. Many love the rough and tough cowboy lifestyle and share those sentiments on tshirts. Here's some options for cowboy styled tshirts.

If you see any ts on this post that you would like to have, please contact me at Other options for casual, stylish clothing are available at

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