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Let's talk jeans, one of our favorite staples in our wardrobe. OMG, if you look up how many different styles of jeans there are, you will find that there are many, many styles.

There are two things you may want to consider before purchasing a pair of jeans: cut and waist.

I. Cut: refers to the size of the legs. The options here include:

A. skinny: fit skin tight like leggings, hugs your curves and are usually made of a stretchy material so that you can get them on and off. These jeans create a slimming look. Elle says that skinny jeans are out now....hmm, what do you think?

B. boot-cut: start out narrow at the thighs and flare out slightly at the knees to fit over your boots.

C. bell bottom/flare: flare out at the ankle and the flare continues to the hem forming an hourglass shape from top to bottom.

D. straight leg: Similar to skinny but have more room. These jeans flow straight down your legs elongating them. Levi's claim that straight leg jeans are what started the jean craze.

E. boyfriend: offer style and comfort fitted at the top and then widening from the hips down.

II. Waist: refers to where the waist hits you. Stitchfix offers this guide for determining the rise of a pair of jeans.

A. High rise: hit you at your natural waistline

B. Mid-rise: hit you below your waistline around the bellybutton

C. Low-rise: hit you low on the hips

In jeans, there are so many variables. Follow for more information about jean styles and fit. Jeans a definitely a fashion statement that say "It's You".

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