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Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and now MeWe and Parlor are the way to go to get the word out there about what is trending. We're in a technological world looking for ideas because we can't go out in the real world to find what we want.

Your influence has driven my line of clothing. If you like it, I want to carry what you like. Now is the time to let your voice be heard as to what you want to see in my collections. Shoot me a PM, send me an email, or comment on my website ( or facebook page ( Several products are posted on Facebook. Click on the picture and like or love it. Than I'll know what you like.

Did you know that you could get discounted products for sharing your photo wearing my clothing? We set up an agreement for you to get the clothing and you post on your favorite social media sites. You get clothing at a discount and help me get my products known to your followers.

If this is something you would enjoy doing and love to get discounted clothing (or even get paid to post on social media), let me know. We will work something out that will be beneficial for both of us. Tell your friends about the opportunity if you are not interested. Maybe someone you know would like more information.


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