The Market is Tanking!

Yes, the LA Market is tanking.....with tank tops!  There are so many different styles in every color imaginable!  Oh, I just want to buy one of each!  How about you?  Are you stocked up on your tank wardrobe?

Let's see what we can find this season:

I found the basic tanks in both S-M-L and Plus sizes in short and long but check out some of the color choices:


Then we get a little more support and style with straps in the front and straps in the back.

There are so many styles but now they've added the burn out effect and a cute flare on these:

Oh, so many styles and choices!  Which ones do you have to have?  Which ones will help add to your #comfystyles and have friends saying "It's you?"

Watch for new tanks hitting our website at  I'm ready for my market to tank with tanks!!!



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