Why do I do this?

The other day, I was reading a motivational article by Simon Slade of salehoo.com. He told his story and mentioned that you need to know the reasons why you are continuing in your business. So, of course, dutiful student that I am, I stopped to ponder the answer to that question.

My answer was quite simple. The reason I got into this business was because I wanted to help young ladies find affordable, gorgeous Prom dresses. I love seeing a young lady with a huge smile on her face, come out of the dressing room and be so happy that she found the perfect dress.

My business has evolved over the years and my focus has been drawn to selling everyday clothes. With Covid, my business has moved from pop-up events to online. My motivational reason has not changed very much. I still love to hear that a young lady is happy that she could find the perfect outfit or the missing piece to her outfit.

Think about outfits or outfit pieces that you need and see if there is anything I have available in my selection to help you get your wardrobe together. If I don't have it, ask. I may be able to get it for you or know another boutique owner who carries it.

My goal is to help you find what you need. It makes you happy; therefore, it makes me happy.

Give my website, www.boutique627.com a look. Share it with your friends. Maybe there is something there that will suit your style. We are going for stylish and comfy.

You have to love the look on these girls' faces. They love their clothes!

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